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Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that more than one million Americans are victims of slip and fall accidents every year. About 30% of these victims suffer moderate to severe injuries. In Alaska, property owners are required to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition for visitors, employees, customers, and any other person legally permitted on the property. If you were hurt in an accident on another person's property, you may have grounds to hold the property owner responsible and recover compensation for your injuries.

Syren Law Offices is dedicated to offering experienced legal services and compassionate representation to clients in premises liability-related matters. As an experienced Alaska personal injury firm, they will review and investigate the details of your personal situation and explore all possible legal options to recover damages. The firm will fight vigorously on your behalf to protect your rights and help you pursue fair financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, or pain and suffering.

Syren Law Offices proudly represent premises liability victims throughout Anchorage, Alaska, and surrounding areas of Palmer, Bethel, Wasilla, Kenai Peninsula, Utqiaġvik, Kotzebue, and Fairbanks.

Premises Liability in Alaska

Under Alaska law, property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Business owners are also required to take "reasonable care under the circumstances" to prevent injuries or harm to shoppers or customers on the property.

Any property owner or business owner who fails in this expected legal "duty of care" may be held responsible for any accident or injuries suffered by the victim while lawfully on the property.

Through a premises liability claim, an injured person may hold the property owner or business owner responsible for accidents that occurred due to the dangerous, hazardous, or unsafe condition of the premises.

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Types of Premises Liability Claims

Syren Law Offices assists injured victims in a full spectrum of premises liability claims, including:

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Dog bites and other animal attacks

  • Defective and broken stair accidents

  • Swimming pool accidents

  • Inadequate property maintenance

  • Snow and ice accidents

  • Insufficient security

  • Garage door accidents

  • Accidents due to lack of or improper signage

  • Accidents involving fire

  • Water leaks or flooding

  • Lack of safety railings

  • Balcony or porch collapses

  • Elevator and escalator accidents

  • Chemicals or toxic fumes

  • Construction site accidents

  • Electrocutions

Private Property vs. Public Property Claims

Premises-related accidents are not limited to private properties. Such accidents can also occur on public properties owned or managed by government entities.

  • Private Properties: These consist of residential and commercial buildings, such as residential apartments, office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, local supermarkets, and grocery stores.

  • Public Properties: These include public playgrounds, public schools, theme parks, public libraries, sidewalks, roadways, parking lots, oilfields, and government buildings.

In premises liability lawsuits, private and public property negligence are considered to be the same. Just as an injured person can pursue damages for being hurt on private property, victims can also seek compensation from the government for premises-related injuries sustained on public property.

Why You Need an Attorney

Notwithstanding how severe your injuries may be, proving fault and establishing liability in a premises liability case can involve a lot of complexities. You need to prove that the property owner knew about the unsafe or dangerous conditions but failed to do anything about it. An experienced premises liability attorney can help protect your rights and pursue compensation.

Syren Law Offices is committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and vigorous representation to premises liability victims and their families. As your legal counsel, the firm will fight vigorously to protect your rights and represent your best interests.

Your legal representation will review the details of your unique situation, conduct a thorough investigation, seek to establish liability, and estimate case-value. The firm will handle all communications on your behalf and help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance carrier. Having an experienced law firm on your side can improve your chances of achieving the best possible outcome in your premises liability lawsuit.

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If you or someone you know suffered an injury in an accident on another party’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Syren Law Offices today to schedule a consultation. The team will offer you the legal counsel and representation you need. Syren Law Offices serves clients throughout Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Bethel, Kenai Peninsula, Utqiaġvik, Kotzebue, and Fairbanks, Alaska.